Internship experiences in iSEE

Each year, the Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE) offers two internship courses and receives hundreds of volunteers for events and projects, with the desire to help students learn about the working environment and gain more experiences for their future jobs. The work of apprentices in iSEE is similar to the work of the official employees. They are also members of iSEE home who participate actively in the development projects with the desire to bring positive changes to the society. Here are sharings from iSEE’s apprentices over generations.


“I headed to iSEE since I had learned that iSEE is working for gays and ethnic minorities. I am a member of both communities so that I naturally thought that I would work well in this organization. That time, I was finding jobs but not received any acceptance except for iSEE. I was interviewed and was so lucky to be selected. After the training period and then working as a research assistant, I understand more about myself and about Prejudice and Self prejudice; and know how to pay more attention to build self-purposes and self-values for next steps in my life.” Hoang Nguyen – Internship – Research Assistant for iSEE in 2013.

“It was quite hard, sometimes I had to work full time for two or three months during the internship course. But thanks to it, I gained more knowledge and experiences in dealing with the state agencies, minority communities and partner organizations both inside and outside the country. I also feel more confident.” Nguyen Bich Phuong – Apprentice in 2013. After the internship course, Phuong took the recruitment examination of iSEE and was admitted to work as an Assistant for The Social Connection group.

“I felt the excitement and enthusiasm in every work of iSEE. Moreover, when attending events organized by iSEE, I had the opportunity to meet the iSEE staffs and officers and felt that the environment is very good and suitable for students. During the 6-month internship course, I experienced many new jobs, from meticulous tasks like dealing with administrative papers to simple tasks like preparing the brochure for the conference or complex and hard-pressed tasks like operating workshops and outdoor events. I gradually felt more confident and more open, especially in communication and working with people.” Hoang Khanh Linh (Ken) – Apprentice in 2014 – 1st course.

Linh supported “I Agree” Festival supporting same-sex marriage

“The most memorable thing in iSEE to me is everyone’s “morning greeting” which seemed very simple in daily life but factually was extremely hard to find in a new working environment. I want to give big thanks to iSEE for many happy memories, beautiful photos and experiences in organizing events and activities, and especially the Photovoice training trip to Lao Cai with the children.” Dong Quang Hai – Apprentice in 2014 – 1st course.

Hai took part in a field trip to Lao Cai

From April 2015, iSEE offer a new internship course for apprentices who will accompany iSEE in the next 6 months. “I love working in NGOs, I feel I am suitable for that environment. With iSEE, I feel a free and encouraging environment for creativity. After six months, I will have more experience in media, new relationships and new friends.” Kien Trung – Communications Apprentice in 2015.

Kien Trung, iSEE Communications Apprentice

“I know about iSEE through “Wake up to welcome the rainbow” festival, I also participated in iSEE volunteers meetings and met the people there. At that moment, I felt this is my ideal working environment. And I have nurtured my intent to be an iSEE’s apprentice since then. To me, nest six months will be the time to accumulate experience and set a stepping stone for my future plan – organizing a project on LGBT by my own.” Viet Anh – Apprentice in 2015.

Viet Anh, Apprentice in Program Organizing group, iSEE’s regular volunteer


Saying good bye to old apprentices and welcoming new apprentices, the biggest desire of iSEE is all of our apprentices will feel confident in themselves and their own ability and will find out the key to the future. We wish our apprentices to be positive change agents of the society and the world.

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