Themed BUBU Foreverland, BUBU 2018 has created a safe, free and equal environment where anyone could be themselves and actively find their love. The event attracted over 4000 participants.

BUBU Town 2018 took place on May 20, 2018 in Hanoi to celebrate the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT). The event, held by iSEE and NextGEN – a network of young leaders working towards LGBT rights – was funded by the European Commission (EC), the US Embassy and Oxfam.

BUBU 2018 thu hút người tham dự từ Việt Nam lẫn Quốc tế
BUBUBU 2018 attracted both Vietnamese and foreigners

BUBU Foreverland is the land of eternal freedom, love and tolerance where all one’s dreams, all those unbelievable fairytales, and mysterious creatures freely exist – where there is no limitation to one’s aspirations, and everyone can freely express themselves.

To become BUBU citizens, participants must leave behind prejudices and fears of being judged; just bring their real selves, together with tolerance and love. Everyone looks forward to BUBU every year because the event creates such a safe space and relaxing environment!

Thị Trấn BUBU là không gian an toàn để bất cứ ai cũng dám thể hiện mình
BUBU Town is a safe space where everyone is free to express themselves
Bước vào BUBU Foreverland, tất cả người tham dự đều được cấp căn cước công dân BUBU
Entering BUBU Foreverland, every participant is provided with BUBU ID cards

The event is regarded as a pseudo “coachella” where beauty is celebrated through not only fashion but also confidence, tolerance and sympathy. The event included many fun activities such as fashion shows, music performances, theatre performances and collective games.

BUBU Foreverland là vùng đất vĩnh cửu của tình yêu, tự do và khoan dung
BUBU Foreverland is a land of eternal love, freedom and tolerance

Besides entertainment, citizens of BUBU Town had the opportunity to access information on health services, HIV and STI prevention as well as projects on gender and diversity. During the Gala night, participants gave thanks to the important people in their lives, capturing the attention of the entire community. Their moments of sharing were full with sincere emotions that then burst with joy when they took their steps out of their prejudice and truly came closer to one another

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