The Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment (iSEE) is a science and technology organization. We work for the rights of minority groups in Vietnam to envision a more equal, tolerant and free society in which everyone’s human rights are respected and individuality valued.


iSEE is an advocate of freedom, the freedom to explore and express yourself. Without the recognition of individual differences, we can not fully understand each other. iSEE encourages everyone to confidently express themselves, voice their opinions, connect with each other and contribute to the society. iSEE works to achieve social progress that maximizes the freedom, especially for the voiceless who are marginalized and underprivileged.


iSEE strives toward a Vietnam where equal access to opportunity, equality in voice and respect for one another is ensured without compromising their diversity. iSEE is committed to combat all forms of discrimination, as discrimination is against the principles of equality and social justice. Discrimination hinders progress, obstructing the march to the safety, well-being and development of society and the country.


iSEE promotes tolerance and celebrates diversity. We are therefore devoted to building a tolerant society in Vietnam based on mutual recognition and respect regardless of culture, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, language, religion and belief.