Join hands with iSEE in celebration of iSEE – “Coffee with iSEE”

iSEE Institute calls on your support to continue our mission towards freedom, equality and tolerance!

Freedom – Equality – Tolerance are the northstars that guide iSEE throughout the last 13 years, from the Open Exhibition (2009) – the first public exhibition on LGBTI people, the Week of Kindness (2014) that advocates for a society of kindness, to I Believe I Can 2020 – an annual event that celebrates voices from ethnic minorities.


What has iSEE done in our mission towards freedom, equality and tolerance?

“I like iSEE because iSEE has created space for the youth to be inspired, believe in ourselves and express ourselves. I think iSEE can do what you are doing partly because iSEE is committed to learning and practicing the values that iSEE promotes.” – from Chu Nguyen Gia Anh, a member of a research team in the Research against Discrimination project – a project that aims at building capacity and supporting young people in doing research on discrimination.

From 2007, iSEE Institute has implemented over 200 projects and inspired communities to advocate for and take ownership of changes in their communities. We have carried out 70 research papers on different topics and worked with 16 ethnic minority communities, LGBTI communities in 30+ cities provinces, 100+ civil society organizations, 500 press partners and thousands of young people across the country and reached 100,000+ online followers. Thousands of stories and hundreds of faces have contributed to the soul and memory of iSEE today.

What is “Coffee with iSEE”?

In celebration of our 13th birthday, we are hosting an online fundraising event – “Coffee with iSEE”. In this campaign, iSEE Institute wants to be your companion with a morning cup of coffee and reminiscence about 13 highlights on iSEE’s journey. For this special occasion, we have prepared “a menu of 13 drinks.” We hope you can see yourself somewhere in the stories we tell and contribute your cups of coffee to us.

iSEE Institute hopes to raise at least 70 million VND from individuals and organizations who believe in iSEE’s missions from July 16 to July 30.

Every contribution is greatly appreciated. Your contribution can be a morning cup of coffee or a month of coffee. iSEE is grateful for any amount because it is not only your love and support but also your belief in the values we pursue and a major force that drives us forward. 

The total amount of money raised from the campaign will go into: 

– Capacity building for staff and volunteers to keep iSEE’s values front and center in our work;

– Develop and implement action plans in 2020-2021;

– Operational costs such as office, equipment, etc.

– Organizational development to ensure our efficiency and transparency.

How can I send my “cups of coffee” to iSEE?

There are 03 ways to send your contribution to iSEE.

1. Donate on Kindmate

Please go to for more information.

2. Transfer via bank

Account Number: 001100 429 9999 – VND

Account Holder: Institute for Studies of Society, Economy and Environment

Name of Bank: Vietcombank

Branch number: SGD I

Swift Code of Local (Beneficiary) Bank: BFTVVNVX001

City, Country: 31-33, Ngo Quyen street, Hoan Kiem district, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Message: “[Name] [Email] To iSEE” – VD: “Nguyen Van Anh To iSEE”

(iSEE is committed to confidentiality; if you want to remain anonymous, please leave the message blank. )

3. Donate in person 

We can receive your contribution directly at our office. You can find us at Room 203, D10 building, Lakeview Giang Vo, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi during office hours (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) on the weekdays (Monday to Friday). We would like to give you a small gift from our library as a gift of gratitude.

We sincerely thank you for your support.

For more information, contact

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