To map the contributions made to the gender justice movement in Vietnam – from past to present – a group of young advocates and allies have organized a “knowledge museum” with gender justice exhibits and discussions for the public at O-kia Hanoi.

Ngày xửa, ngày xưa ở góc phố xưa nơi con ngõ nhỏ có nhà Bình-quyền Thời-báo, tuy bé nhưng tim thì rất rộng, muốn chứa chan hết những câu chuyện bình quyền
Once upon a time, at the old corner of the alley, there was a “Equality Time” house, a tiny house but a big heart, desiring to embrace all stories about equality

On March 25, 2018, the Equality Times exhibition opened, debuting three exhibits: the IDEAS KIOSK cataloguing Vietnamese youth’s thoughts on gender, funded by WEQUAL’s Grant; the EQUALITY NEWS ATELIER reports on past fights for gender equality; and the ENLIGHTENMENT CLUB, a salon space for those interested in discussing and sharing their stories about freedom and equality.

Chút quà quê từ Ơ KÌA HÀ NỘI cho bà con cùng chung vui với lễ ra mắt Bình-Quyền Thời- Báo
Countryside specialties from O Kia Ha Noi were prepared for visitors

THE EQUALITY TIMES is a living-newspaper collecting information on individuals, organizations, and events promoting gender justice in Vietnam from the past to present. The event attracted a great number of well-known specialists in the fields of Gender and Freedom of choice.

Sự kiện nhận được sự quan tâm của đông đảo bà con
Many people joined the event



  1. Idea Kiosk: A living exhibit on seven projects funded by WEQUAL’s Grant. They demonstrated different approaches to a shared goal of promoting gender justice and freedom of choice.
  2. Equality News Atelier: An exhibit on historic individuals and events that have deeply influenced feminism and gender equality movements in Vietnam.
  3. Enlightenment Club: A salon for individuals, groups, and organizations interested in gender issues. The “Enlightenment with Wequal” event challenged participants with quizzes on gender issues that inspired further debate and discussion.
Hội Quán Khai Trí
Enlightenment Club
Đội thanh niên giao lưu với nhau tại sự kiện
Youth group exchange opinions at the event
Trao giải cho Dự án Tổ Ong trong quỹ sáng kiến WEQUAL Small Grant
Reward “To Ong” Project in WEQUAL Small Grant
Trao giải cho nhóm SEFY Việt Nam - Quảng Trị trong quỹ sáng kiến WEQUAL Small Grant
Reward SEFY Vietnam team – Quang Tri Province in WEQUAL Small Grant
Trao giải cho nhóm Telling You trong quỹ sáng kiến WEQUAL Small Grant
Reward Telling You team in WEQUAL Small Grant
Trao giải cho nhóm Tổ chức Thúc đẩy Bình đẳng giới Việt Nam VOGE trong quỹ sáng kiến WEQUAL Small Grant
Reward VOGE in WEQUAL Small Grant