DanceForLove 2017 street art event – “LOVE SOMEONE ENOUGH, SET THEM FREE”

The street art event, Dance for Love 2017, ran with the theme of, “Love someone enough, set them free,” which took place in Hanoi, attracting thousands of young participants.

Các bạn trẻ cùng nhau tuần hành xung quanh khu vực phố đi bộ Hồ Hoàn Kiếm
Youngters strolling around Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

The event’s second year of running managed to attract over 2.000 participants and was organized by Wequal – a group working towards gender justice.

Vừa di chuyển, các bạn vừa hô vang thông điệp "yêu thương cởi trói cho nhau"
As moving, they are shouting out the message “love is releasing each other from stereotypes” 

The street art event happened on October 15 at Hoan Kiem Lake’s Walking Street. The event consisted of diverse art performances such as street singing or contemporary dance performances of young people. Using art to delve into the topic of gender, the event aimed at conveying its dominant messages of gender justice through the story of a young person who faces gender discrimination while studying abroad, when choosing a career path, and even when building their own family.

Một nhóm nhảy thanh niên tham gia sự kiện
A young dance team joining the event
Một nhóm nhảy đang thể hiện tài năng của mình
Another dance team performing 

Though each individual has their own way of expressing love, Wequal argues that it is not easy to love in healthy ways that allow our beloveds feel truly happy, free to choose what they really want, and able to let go of social expectations. Engaged by the event, participants had the opportunity to show acts of “love” and “setting free” to show one another respect and encourage their freedom instead of demanding responsibilities assigned by unrelated crowd

Những thông điệp về "yêu thương cởi trói cho nhau"
Messages about “Love is releasing each other from stereotypes”
Những "hình nhân" xuất hiện ở khắp nơi, sẵn sàng để người tham dự "cởi trói" khỏi những định kiến
Mascots are everywhere, ready to be released from stereotypes
A mascot carrying on her body written stereotyping words

The #DanceForLove event featured performances by Ambitious Crew, Mini Kitty, P.E.A.C.E Crew, S.U.D., Le Cirque Dance Company and other dancers.

 The event closing in pleasant and leaving interesting thoughts for participant