10th anniversary of iSEE

The cozy and happy birthday party in celebration of the 10th anniversary of iSEE was organized on 29th, June, 2017 in Heritage Space. During the journey of the last 10 year, iSEE has always kept a fire burning – the fire of the desire for a better society in Vietnam. This fire has been fuelled by the values of freedom, equality and tolerance, and the belief in humanity and kindness. iSEE has always commited to pursuing the mission of protecting human rights and enlarging the civil society space in Vietnam.

iSEE is 10 years old

The party was a meet-up of iSEE and our partners, representatives of communities and all our friends who have accompanied with us in our 10-year journey. We looked back our achievements and difficulties, we recalled our people and memories in iSEE’s exhibition. The exhibition displayed objects associated with our events, our people and our hidden lives. Besides, Human Library with the participation of iSEEers and representatives of communities gave people many personal touching stories.

Vivid exhibition

“Human library”

The comtemporary dance performance by iSEE’s friends and partners such as young people of NextGen, AHD and ASOD represented the 10-year journey promoting freedom, equality and tolerance. The journey we have gone with LGBT community lit a fire of tolerance for themselves, for others and especially for those who used to discriminate LGBT people. The journey we have gone with ethnic minorities people burned a fire of equality because iSEE has pursuaded people that each community has their own inner strength and they need to be treated equally and have equal opportunities to develop. Finally, the desire for freedom has encouraged iSEE to enlarge the space of civil society, stand for civil rights and promote the freedom of association in Vietnam.

Contemporary dance performance
People turned on flash light together
Singing Happy Birthday to iSEE

Ms. Luong Minh Ngoc – Director of iSEE – shared in her speech: “iSEE is regarded as an inspiring organization because you inspire us. iSEE is regarded as a creative organization because you suggest new ideas and give us opportunities to execute our activities. iSEE is brave, iSEE dares to push limits beause you dare. iSEE became iSEE as of today thanks to your contribution. We just want to say thank you! Thank you for your contribution!

I hope that this anniversary will give you more energy to keep a fire in your heart burning – the fire of courage, freedom, tolerance and equality; the fire of belief in humanity. Let the fire always burn and I hope that we will have more and more anniversaries in the future.”

People wrote birthday wishes
Cùng nhau thắp nên lên chiếc bánh sinh nhât

Some typical pictures of the anniversary: