Videovoice 2013 – The footages have gradually formed

After 2 month of launching of video/photovoice project “How my life has been change”, the product filmed by H’Mong community in Sapa, Lao Cai is close to finalization. Currently, the participants are filming the final footages and getting ready for video editing.

From 28th June to 30th June, iSEE technical teams have arrived in Sapa to support the project participants in preparing of material for video editing. This process includes footage collecting, video logging and analysis, presentations in the community to get feedback to ensure frank voice and clarity about the change of the whole community. Although being trained barely 2 months ago, the participant were gradually perfecting their skills, the collected footages have much better quality as well as more interesting stories compare to previous footage from the beginning of the project.

Besides filming footage for the project, the participants were actively encouraging community involvement in the form of interviews, storytelling v.v. Notable, Ms Ly Thi Tung and Mr Giang A Cua have also taught their relatives how to use the camera to help in the filming process. It can be said that this is an unexpected success when participation is expanded in the H’Mong community.

Besides filming the change in perception which leads to action to build their community, the participants also wanted to use the project as a form of promoting culture and traditions of their people to the viewer through the dance, the pan flute, daily work. etc.

Mr Giang A Cua, a H’Mong man who reside in Giang Tra Village, Ta Phin commune, Sapa District, and currently an active member of the project team commented: “I made this film not only for myself but also for my community as well”.

A few images captured during the fieldtrip in Lao Cai:

iSEE technical team and the participants reviewing the footages
Video presentation and collection of ideas and comments in Giang Tra village, Ta Phin commune, Sapa, Lao Cai
Video presentation and collection of ideas and comments in Ma Tra village, Sa Pả commune, Sapa, Lao Cai
Women of Ma Tra community watching video filmed Mr Ma A Pho and giving ideas and comments

 Videovoice Project in Lao Cai is part of Photovoice project / Videovoice “How my life has been changed” which is implemented by iSEE and 15 other CSOs. The project was undertaken to capture the change beneficiary community after receiving support from civil society organizations, using the methods of stories and pictures. Final products will be collected in middle of July and an exhibition will be opened to the public in September. The exhibition aims to give society a better understand about the role and work of civil society organizations in Vietnam.

Nam Phạm