Statement of iSEE on tragic shooting at Orlando targeting LGBTQ community

During Pride month, we are saddened by the news about the mass shooting that occurred at Pulse nightclub in Orlando. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families affected by this horrific violence.


Nearly 50 years after the Stonewall riots that led to the modern movement for LGBTQ rights, and just merely one year after same-sex couples were constitutionally entitled to marriage equality, the battles still continues. Everywhere in the world, East or West, the U.S or Viet Nam, there are still people whose lives are endangered just because of who they are.

While the crime has not yet been labeled a hate crime, the fact is, discrimination and violence against LGBTQ people will not end soon. We have to keep fighting for a more decent and safer world for everyone.

Hate and fear are yesterday. Love and pride are tomorrow and everyday after.

iSEE’s Director
Lương Minh Ngọc