Photovoice exhibition “My Culture – City Soul”

On August 1, 2013, iSEE in collaboration with the Youth Desk of VTV6 channel – Vietnam Television, produced a challenge round for 7 participants in the program “Super Leader.” This is the new version based on the reality show “Youth and Nation” on VTV6.

In each round, young leaders are divided into teams working with civil society organizations and participating directly in these organizations’ projects. In this 7-person challenge round, contestants formed 2 teams in direct competition. The topic was given by iSEE to test their leadership skills. After much consideration, iSEE decided to challenge these youth by asking the 2 teams to organize a photo exhibition on ethnic minorities in 48 hours. The exhibition was titled “My Culture – City Soul.” Contestants were trained by iSEE experts and officers in the photovoice method in character photographing and story building. The characters here were individuals of ethnic minorities such as Tay, Nung, Thai, Lo Lo, H’mong, Dao, etc. These individuals are living and working in Hanoi, contributing each day to the colorful economic and cultural portrait of the capital.

Through the exhibition, iSEE wished to bring the public another angle of Hanoi, where many ethnicities co-habit and enrich the soul of the city, where all cultures can be expressed and known. The concept is reflected through Mr. Le Quang Binh, iSEE’s Director’s philosophy: “Culture is a learning and sharing process. Each culture has its strengths and uniqueness, and they all deserve celebrating.”

iSEE hoped that the “Super Leader” contest would create opportunities for future and young leaders to have a closer touch with the life of ethnic minorities, to better understand the development work and contribution of civil society organizations, and to accumulate real life knowledge and experience to serve society in the future. The program “Super Leader” would also bring iSEE in particular and civil society organizations in general closer to TV audience and the public.

Some images from the program and the exhibition “My Culture – City Soul”:

SEE welcomed “Super Leader” contestants

iSEE’s Director Mr. Le Quang Binh shared iSEE’s viewpoints on respecting cultural diversity

Public Education Manager Ms. Luong Minh Ngoc trained contestants on the photovoice process

Director Mr. Le Quang Binh opened the exhibition on Aug. 3, 2013 at the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Portraits of Thai people in Hanoi

“Super Leader” Blue team member explained the images and stories for visitors
“Super Leader” Orange team member explained the images and stories for visitors
Thai culture in the capital
“Leaf flute is a unique music instrument of ethnic minorities in the mountain: with a few simple manipulations with a wild leaf, Tay people can create a flute anywhere. In his free time, Mr. Tuan often teaches city kids how to make and play one.”
Journalist Ta Bich Loan – Director of Youth Desk VTV6, Mr. Le Quang Binh – iSEE’s Director, iSEE’s experts, VTV6 channel editors, and contestants of the Orange and Blue teams.

Nam Phạm