BUBU Town – Land of Freedom, Tolerance and Equality

Ahead of IDAHOT (the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia), iSEE and NextGen – a network of young leaders actively involved in the rights of LGBT people – organized the second BUBU Town event on May 15th, along with the sponsorship of the European Commission (EC) and the Norwegian’s People’s Aid (NPAID). 

With the slogan of, “Be Unique, Be You”,  BUBU Town is a place of Freedom, Tolerance and Equality, a space that honors expressions of diversity and freedom in any form. The public event attracted thousands of people (mostly youngsters) to the American Club at 19-21 Hai Ba Trung street in Hanoi. BUBU Town’s message encourages people to express their true selves confidently, supports the development of a healthier mindset and a more positive way of living. Most importantly, it reminds people to love themselves more!

Sự kiện nhận được sự quan tâm từ rất nhiều các bạn trẻ, những người nổi tiếng và cả các đại sứ tại Hà Nội
The event attracted and engaged a lot of young people, celebrities and foreign ambassadors in Hanoi
Tại thị trấn BUBU, ai cũng có thể tự tin thể hiện tình cảm của mình
At BUBU Town, anyone can confidently express their feelings and affections.


Our slogan of Be Unique, Be You received a lot of support from youngsters
Many LGBT couples attended the event

At BUBU Town youngsters were able to freely express themselves in cosplay (dressed up as a character from a story), drag (men dressed as women, women dressed as men), wear make-up or dress themselves in any style they like. BUBU Town managed to be a space and platform for individual creativity and the freedom to express individuality.

A citizen of BUBU Town confidently performing on stage

The activities at BUBU Town were extremely diverse and unique in order to welcome everyone, from students to families with children. Visitors enjoyed visiting the small markets, art exhibitions, challenging games, open-stage performances by the audience and the transgender Star Gala. Individuals, groups of friends and families experienced a day in which they could freely express their true identity, as well as confirm their talents and equal rights.

Các đại sứ và đại diện BTC kí cờ ủng hộ cộng đồng LGBTQ
Ambassadors and BTC representatives signed a flag that supports the LGBTQ Community.
Tấm bảng định kiến gây được khá nhiều sự chú ý
The ‘prejudice board’ attracted a lot of attention
Các hoạt động nhằm phát triển sức khỏe thể chất và tâm trí diễn ra xuyên suốt sự kiện
Activities to develop physical and mental health

A member of NextGen shared: “BUBU Town gives me a sense of freedom and safety. At BUBU there is no good or bad, no right or wrong. There are no observing eyes, there is no prejudice or stigma and everyone is free to just be themselves. We need more spaces that honor the beauty of diversity.”