SEXUP! Fair: Engage in the Forbidden Zone

The SEXUP! Fair was held at Thái Nguyên University of Economics and Business Management on April 10th and attracted thousands of students and youngsters from universities and high schools in Thái Nguyên city.

Because sexuality is considered a sensitive topic or even taboo, youngsters (with their ceaseless curiosity) lack the space to discuss and explore the topic of sexuality. The lack of a safe space and a lack of information on issues such as unwanted pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases has forced many youngsters to make decisions and take actions that affect their lives negatively. SEXUP! Fair was created to raise awareness about sexual health topics through interactive games in a safe space for participants to further understand and explore safe sex culture.

We identified five central factors that can help make sex safer: Safety, Openness, Pleasure, Understanding and Respect. The games were divided into these categories and designed so that visitors could learn about safe sex in a fun and unique way.

Game at the Safety for Pleasure area

The fair also provided a place where visitors could openly share, discuss and talk about (their) gender identity and sexual orientation, both topics rarely mentioned because of social barriers and prejudice. There was also a mobile clinic on location offering free consults, health care services and HIV tests.

Taking photo together after joining exciting activities

The SEXUP! Fair was organized by the Research Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE) in cooperation with NextGEN and the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA).