Co-research with community in Bac Kan: Enhancing the participation and voices for ethnic minority women

On 24th May 2017, the conference and exhibition of co-research with community in the project “Rights and Voices of Ethnic Minority Women” was organized in Bac Kan province. This event had the participation of 13 community research teams from Phuc Loc and Banh Trach commune, iSEE institute, CARE in Vietnam, other local authorities and social organizations. Ethnic minority women of research teams raised their voices about their proposal and solutions to problems in community based on findings from the research. 

Ethnic minority women from community research teams confidently shared their main findings about socio-cultural and livelihood topics with the community and representatives of local authorities by presentation and skits. Besides, they performed their traditional songs such as the art of hat then – dan tinh of Tay ethnic in Ban Hon and especially, a song composed by the research team in Ban Lap with the message showing the appreciation to the project because it brought to these women a confident attitude and happier lives. Representatives of local authorities and social organizations also gave their opinions about the co-research project and discussed policies to solve problems in the community.

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Co-reseachers presented their findings in the conference
Representatives of local authorities and social organizations listened to presentation

The exhibition of main findings from the research attracted many local residents and organizations. Therefore through the perspective of ethnic minority women, the exhibition helped to raise public awareness about alarming problems in their residental area. Also, it enhanced the confidence of ethnic minority women because their research results were appreciated.

Open exhibition in Bac Kan Province

The conference and exhibition in Bac Kan was the first step to promote actions of community, local authorities and social organizations to address local issues. In other words, suitable measures and policies would be taken to solve findings of the co-research project. This project was an opportunities for women of different ethnic minority to unite and respect other cultures so that they were more proud and confident to show their own cultures.

Đại diện nhóm nghiên cứu thuyết trình tại hội thảo
Presentation in the conference
Chị em trình bày kết quả nghiên cứu bằng hình thức diễn kịch
Skit of environmental pollution topic
Traditional songs performed by Dao Tien ethnic minority women

Mr. Ma Van Xuong – Chairman of People’s committee of Banh Trach commune – said that this project helped ethnic minority women realize their importance in the community and build their confidence to raise voices based on their research.

Ms. Sam Thi Xinh – a co-researcher in Phuc Loc commune – shared: “Participating in the co-research project brought me many changes. Now I am more proud and confident. Besides, I learned useful skills such as public speaking and how to put questions to find out a problem. I also joined team working so I established many new relationships.”

Chị em nhận giấy chứng nhận của dự án
Representatives of iSEE and CARE gave certificates to co-researchers