Opening Human Rights Space – A new season

On 26th May, 2013, the opening ceremony of Human Rights Space (HRS) with the theme “A new season” was organized at Melia Hotel, Hanoi. Founded in July, 2016, HRS is a space that promotes and protects human rights in Vietnam. To do so, HRS is now focusing on human rights education and promoting freedom and equality values. This space also connects individuals and organizations that protect human rights and stand againts human rights violations.

Check in tại sự kiện "Mùa mới"
Check in at “Mua moi” event

“A new season” attracted numerous social activists, representatives of foreign Embassies and people who are interested in Human Rights.
The opening ceremony used Playback Theatre to vividly represent stories of audiences on the stage. Therefore, thanks to these stories, the picture of human rights practice in Vietnam gradually appeared right on the stage, in front of many audiences. Also, “a new season” was a space for dialogues about the vision of HRS between co-founders and audiences.

Nhóm "Vâng Và" biểu diễn nghệ thuật sân khấu ứng tác.
Playback theatre performance

The bright picture of Human Rights Space in Vietnam, which was shared among co-founders, was such an inspiration that promotes actions to protect human rights in Vietnam. Three fields that HRS focuses on are Human Rights Education, Environment Justice and Monitoring & Reporting. The mission of HRS is to protect and promote human rights by educating and raising public awareness. HRS’s vision is to be known as an open space where human rights standards are explained and created and a network for human rights activists and organizations.

Thành viên sáng lập chia sẻ tầm nhìn của HRS
Founders of HRS shared HRS’s vision
Cùng nhảy múa trong âm nhạc tại sự kiện.
People danced together in the event

Human rights space is a network for human rights individual and organizational activists that protect universal values. HRS also is a place cultivating seeds of good values to harvest actions to protect human rights in Vietnam.