New iSEE project will raise the voice of ethnic minority children

49 children, 4 ethnic minorities, 3 provinces. This is the foundation of a recent photo project that iSEE is working on.

The project is part of a large-scale Oxfam programme called My Rights, My Voice. Equipped with cameras the children, aged from 10 to 15 years, will capture the scenes of their everyday life

The outcome is a string of exhibitions, first in Hanoi and then in each of the three provinces. The aim is to strengthen the awareness of the ethnic minority children’s rights to health and education services, and to strengthen their ability to demand these rights.

It is an important part of the iSEE philosophy that the insiders tell their own stories. By means of the cameras the children will be empowered and voice up their messages on needs and rights to both the public and the policy makers.

Children living in Bac Ai district

The participants are from the H´Mong in Lao Cai, the M’Nong in Dak Nong and both the Cham and the Raglai in Ninh Thuan. In addition to the photos the children will describe the scenes and explain their thoughts about the motives.

The first exhibition is expected to take place in Hanoi in early June. The role of iSEE is to train and coach the children and put the exhibitions together. And most importantly to facilitate the children’s active roles in taking, selecting and editing their photos.

You can read more about the process in the coming months.