According to statistics of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Vietnam has over 52,000 assemblies, associations and clubs. If interest groups were included – such as book clubs, racing clubs, road-tripping groups, groups supporting mountain people, skateboarding groups or bird lover clubs – this number would increase significantly. It all goes to show that Vietnam has a rich and active civil association life. 

To collect information and views on freedom of association in Vietnam, the People Participation Working Group conducted a survey (visit on PPWG has been actively engaged in the process of developing a Law on Association since 2015, strongly believing that everyone has the right to freely associate with groups. Moreover, they believe individuals should be treated equally before the law when they wish to set up, run, join or leave an association. However, discussion about the law is still centered on arguments and theories from the State administration’s perspective; this does not take into account the real needs of the Vietnamese people, hence the need for this survey.

PPWG will freely share the results of the survey with legislators, media and anyone interested in order to make a law that promotes and protects Vietnamese people’s right to freely associate. We hope you will take 10 to 13 minutes to complete the survey. To learn more about the right to freedom of association before taking the survey, please watch For more information on PPWG please visit

Once we have received enough of a response, we will announce the survey’s closing date and publish the results. If you are interested in these results you can send an email to after 1/6/2016. 

Thanks a lot in advance!