The Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE) is a science and technology organization. We work towards the rights of minority groups in Vietnamese society through original research, policy advocacy, organizing conference and training events, holding popular annual community events, and running direct youth and minority initiatives. iSEE envisions a more equal, tolerant and free society in which everyone’s human rights are respected and individuality valued.

iSEE celebrates diversity and its promise of a more colourful and vibrant life. Through its works, iSEE promotes plurality and the ending of discrimination against minority groups, especially ethnic minorities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

iSEE champions human rights because each individual has the right to be treated equally, the right to love and to enjoy happiness. iSEE appeals to every citizen to respect and appreciate the role, value and voice of each and every individual in society, regardless of gender identity, culture, ethnicity or sexual orientation.

iSEE appreciates all cultures because each possesses unique, valuable heritage. iSEE encourages pride in the unique traditions, customs and beauty of ethnic minority groups in Vietnam. iSEE calls upon society to respect different cultures and to stop the imposition of one culture upon another. Harmony between different cultures gives rise to exchange, innovation and creativity, thereby further enriching and strengthening our society.

iSEE advocates for freedom of expression because it promotes confidence, creativity and connectivity in and between people. iSEE encourages people to express themselves, open up their hearts, socialize, share and contribute more to society. iSEE believes that self-expression is the very basis for mutual understanding, learning, sharing and pursuing happiness together.

Past and Current Partners

The Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment is honored to claim such esteemed, global partners and donors as:

Irish Aid, Oxfam, Care International, UNDP, the European Commission, Rockefeller Foundation, CIDA of Canada, USAID, DFID of UK, Sida, Plan International, NPAID, AUSAID, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

We are also grateful for the continued support and collaboration with partners here in Hanoi.

  • Thanks to the embassies of: the US, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Australia.
  • Thanks to our Vietnamese partners from: the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Public Affairs, MOLISA, MOET, the Government Office, National Assembly Office, Committee of Ethnic Minority Affairs, Institute of Legislative Studies, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, National Women’s Union, and the Fatherland Front.

We are especially humbled by the private donations and support from individuals, CBOs and NGOs in our community and beyond. We pledge to work tirelessly to deserve your support and to realize the shared vision of a diverse, harmonious global community.