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“The Institute for Studies of Society, Economics and Environment (iSEE) is a science and technology organization. We work towards the rights of minority groups in Vietnamese society through original research, policy advocacy, organizing conference and training events, holding popular annual community events, facilitating networks of change makers, and running direct youth and minority initiatives. iSEE envisions a more equal, tolerant and free society in which everyone’s human rights are respected and individuality valued.”


iSEE strives to realize a Vietnam in which all individuals have equality of opportunity, equality of voice, and equal respect for each other’s rights without compromising their sense of self.

iSEE combats all forms of discrimination in all spaces because discrimination undermines the principles of equality and social justice, and retards our progress towards a healthier, happier and more progressive society and nation.


iSEE is an advocate of freedom, the freedom to realize our true selves and share that with our world.Without true self-expression, we are merely seeing past each other.

iSEE encourages everyone to confidently reveal themselves, voice their opinions, connect with each other and contribute to society.  iSEE works to achieve meaningful policy and social progress that maximizes this freedom, especially for those still quieted, restricted or disadvantaged.


iSEE promotes tolerance because iSEE celebrates diversity. A diversity that recognizes, respects and appreciates everyone for their unique differences can only exist when members of society are tolerant of difference.

iSEE is therefore devoted to building a truly tolerant Vietnam based on mutual recognition and respect between the diverse cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, gender identities, languages, religions and beliefs within and beyond Vietnam.

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